Remove [r ] when querying Discogs by Release ID


I really like the new discogs function in the 2.83 release, both the standard and the by-ID function.

I've added/updated a bunch of discogs entries lately as I work my way through my 3500 vinyl album collection, digitising each complete album. Mp3tag is a huge part of that.

One function that would be a huge help in the discogs by ID function, is optional stripping out any non-numeric characters.

On the top right of every discogs release page is the release code, in the format [r219536] using a web browser you can click to select and copy and then paste into the ID field in MP3tag. However, unless you manually remove [r ] discogs fails.

Since every entry is the same format, can MP3TAG just remove those characters if present? It save a few keystrokes....


Just for reference, this is available since Mp3tag v2.85