Remove redundant MP3Tag context menu entry

Well, I turned off Windows Media Player, which I very rarely use compared to Winamp, and for some amazing reason MP3Tag now appears twice in context menus for .mp3 files. (Windows 10 Professional v21H1)

Where would I go (regedit, I'm guess to remove the redundant entry?

There are other tools that may help you to edit the shell extentions like

Or you could try to re-install MP3tag.

Have you by any chance installed the new x64 version without removing first the old one? Did you perform a reset of the system in-between?

I've been busy with many things, and am just getting back to this. I will obtain and install the x64 as you suggested. dL

@Zerow I have installed (and since uninstalled) the x64 version.
There is now ONE "Mp3tag" entry in the context menu when an MP3 file is right-clicked.

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