Remove repetition from tag


I have some tracks I bought, where the title contains some repeated parts, the remix is mentioned twice. Once with square brackets, once without square brackets. Is there some smart way to remove the repetition?

"In My Arms [Love To Infinity Stratomaster Mix] Love To Infinity Stratomaster Mix"
"In My Arms [Crumbling Down Mix] Crumbling Down Mix"

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I found a thread on repeated artists:

And this regular expression
$regexp($replace(In My Arms [Crumbling Down Mix] Crumbling Down Mix,[,,],),'(.+?)/\1','$1')
results in
"In My Arms Crumbling Down Mix"
which has actrually 2 blanks in front of the "crumbling". So it should be easy to replace those with a [ if required. The ] can be added in the regular expression already as text constant.

Thanks for your help. I think I should be looking for some regular expression that removes everything after "]". I think it would look something like this: ].*$ or ].+
How can I use this regular expression in MP3Tag?


Thanks, that did the trick! (format value)