Remove song from list via Actions

I know this is an ancient request but perhaps it could be revisited. When I'm working on a LOT of songs, it would really help if, once I had applied an Action to a song, they'd disappear from the list (via some funciton or toggle that Action group).

In your action group you could add an action to fill a user-defined field which you use as a filter criterion to hide treated files when you refresh the filter.

Please note that a file that is not part of the selection will not be treated by an action. So if you hide a file from the file list, further actions in an action group could run into error conditions.

Yes, I've seen that solution elsewhere but if you are working on 1000s of files at once (as I do), the filter refresh takes hella longer than hitting the DEL key to remove it from the list. I'm suggesting that the Action group could contain (as it's last action) a command to Remove Selected from the working list. It sort of begs for a minimal macro language in MP3Tag. :_)

OK, now you know a way to hide treated files.
Perhaps you use that until your suggestion has been implemented.

Pressing F3 twice does not really take longer than hitting the Del key at least not for just a thousand files.