Remove space from filename before file extension

Hello All,

Thought I had this licked but forgot what I did so reaching out for help.

When I convert tag to filename, I want to remove the space that precedes the file extension (or trails the title).

Example filename:

01 - Winter Wonderland - .mp3

I first use mp3 tag to extract the title from the file and put it into the title tag by going convert > filename > tag

%dummy%%dummy%- %title%-%dummy%%dummy%

Then I use mp3 tag to render the file name the way I want it by going convert > tag> filename so it looks like this:

$num(%track%,2). %title%

  1. Winter Wonderland .mp3

However I am left with a space after the title.

How do I get rid of that space?


Your problem is that the title already has a trailing space, because you use the wrong format string for importing. You have to add a space affter the %title% and the last "-":
"%dummy% - %dummy% - %title% - "

To get rid of the already imported spaces in the title you can use the string- function $trim(%title%) with the converter Tag->Tag or with an action of the type "Format Value".

That's fantastic, I can see where I went wrong. Thanks so much!