Remove string from filename if specific field present

So I was wondering if there is a way to do this without so many steps.

I'm able to do actions to accomplish this but way to many steps for 54,000+ songs.

Filename = Wisconsin - Wausau (Joe) (Remix)

Virtual DJ takes (Remix) and places it in a ID3 Tag field "Remixer" taking ( ) off. I made mistake and batch processes a lot of songs to rename filename in VDJ.

So now Filename = Wisconsin - Wausau (Joe) (Remix) (Remix)

I corrected a lot of them but ... here is what I want ....

If ID3 "Remixer" (known as Version tag in MP3Tag) = Remix Then

remove (Remix) from filename else leave file name alone.

So eg. outcome....

Filename "Contains (Remix)"
ID3 Tag Version = (Remix)
Remove (Remix) from filename

Filename "Contains (Remix)"
ID3 Tag Version = "" or Version = something else
Do Nothing

The reason It has to be this way is because "Version" will not always be "Remix". It could be remixers name. So just focusing on the word REMIX.

Thank you in advance. I hope I explained what I'm trying to achieve.

You can filter for the presence and/or the contents of a tag field

This looks like a user-defined field as I cannot find it in the list of standard fields:

Anyway, provided there is a field called VERSION filter with this expression:
version IS Remix
then treat all the shown filenames and remove the "remix" as you want it.

LMAO don't know why I didn't think of it in first place.

Filter = %Version% IS Remix
select all
then Action Remove (Remix) in filename.

Simple, Thanks Ohrenkino