Remove tag as action

Please could you add the option to use the "Remove tag" option via an action. I currently use this to strip out all tags that are not ID3v2.4. It would be nice to have this as an action rather than having to remember to click the button every time.

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There already is. There are actually two Actions available to do this. One is called "Remove Fields" and the other one is called "Remove Fields Except".

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Removing "fields" and removing "tags" are two different things.

I agree that a remove tag action is needed and has been for a very long time. The manual Ctrl+R or 'big red X' is outdated. This should be an operation that can be automated in Action Groups.

This is exactly what I came to this forum to look for today... I was trying to create an Action to automate what I do manually on every file: Remove all tags and formats from the file, and then re-build the tags based on the filename, using only the tag format(s) I want. "Remove fields" does practically nothing to help in this situation.

But "Remove fields except" might help you. Enter a tag name that is not in any of your files and it should delete all tags.

That's one thing I tried. I did Remove fields execpt YEAR and then Remove field YEAR, to hopefully remove all tags in all formats. My test files had ID3v1, ID3v2, and APEv2 tags. All that removes is ID3v2. If I wanted it to remove other formats I have to enable Write APEv2 and ID3v1. I don't want to write those because in the end I only want ID3v2 tags in my files. Shouldn't the Remove field actions be based on what you have enabled for Remove instead of Write?

Any thoughts on that Florian? Is it intentional behavior or a bug? If it's intentional, can you explain the reasoning?

It removes tag fields and not whole tag types so it uses the tag writing routine.

I see the difference, but that's a bit cumbersome. In this method, you can Remove field "ARTIST", and still have two artist fields left in your files. As the original poster suggested, a new "Remove all tags" action would be very nice.

Alternatively, more options could be added to the existing Remove fields actions. Options to specify which formats to remove the fields from. Also setting Remove fields to "*" to remove all fields, effectively removing the entire tag format you specified.

Bumping this old topic because it's still a feature I would like to see implemented in some form!

Did you ever try ... Action "Remove fields except" ... DUMMY ... ???


The "Remove fields" and "Remove fields except" actions only remove fields from tag versions that are enabled for Write.

The goal is to remove all non-ID3v2.3 tags. If I enable ID3v1 and APEv2 under Write, then the Remove fields action would work, but would also defeat the purpose as I don't want to use those tag types.

I think a perfect solution would be a new action: "Strip tags". The options for the action would let you specify what tags to keep and what tags to remove. For example, "Strip all except: ID3v2.3", or "Strip: ID3v1, APE".

I also support this. Spent too much time yesterday for figuring out that some old APE tags in some MP3s messed up my stuff.
A cleanup action would be really great, i.e. move ID3v1 (or APE) entries to ID3v2x if specific ID3v2x is not yet filled, then remove the unnecessary tags.
[spoiler]Yes, Ctrl+R works, but that is just another action you have to remember when sorting stuff,
would be nice to have that automated.[/spoiler]

I think that Mp3val identifies APE tags as "Garbage at end" and removes them.

A problem with different tag versions only arises when the data in the tag versions is out of sync. In that case you would have to compare the contents manually and then set which data you want to keep.
It is already today possible to remove a complete tag version (without comparison beforehand).

The problem on my side was:
I had set Mp3tag to read v1, v2 and APE, but to only write v2. So when I changed the tags, they were only changed in v2, but when Mp3tag re-read/updated the info after saving, the outdated APE tags showed in the fields, and it looked like nothing changed at all. (To make things worse, I just updated to the new version and held it possible it may be a newly introduced bug.)
Maybe a setting in the options could be introduced to write ONLY to the selected tags and auto-remove the rest. As other people, too, I was under the impression tag versions marked as "delete" would automatically be removed when saving.

You can check the tag versions that are in a file and which are displayed with a column in the file list. Set as value:
%_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]
The %_tag_read% shows the contents of which tag version is shown by MP3tag.

Thanks, that's of use to me. Also note to self: Need bigger screen. Maybe it would be useful to add that info in the status bar or as a headline of the edit block?

You see that information in the window title of the dialogue "extended tags" (Alt-T) if you have selected only a single file.
As the tag versions may vary from file to file, this information has to be displayed for the single file.
The status bar currently shows summary information for all the loaded and partially for the selected files but not individual properties.

I see, I have to get more into keyboard shortcuts.
For different tag versions amongst loaded files: For display, that could be made similar to the editing fields: Show value if it's the same for all, or <various> if they differ.
As for the extended tags: A possibility to integrate them better into the window would be nice, maybe dockable next to the editing area or as a field between the usual editing fields and cover image. Was that discussed/suggested sometime?