"Remove tag" as an Action

I'm probably missing something really obvious but...

Can the "remove tag" feature (toolbar button with red cross) be performed as part of an action?

Action: Remove Fields Except
Fields to leave: dummy

Thanks, but could you please explain what 'dummy' is/does?

To clarify my question:

Some of my older files have multiple tag types and I wish to retain only ID3v2 tags.
I have some actions set up to tidy up the format of the tags for consistency.
In the options I have ID3v1 and APE ticked under 'remove' and only ID3v2 ticked under 'write'.
After applying my actions I currently have to manually press the red cross (CTRL-R).

The 'remove fields except' command only seems to remove tag fields not the entire unwanted tag types.

I used dummy because you must give a field here. Otherwise the action can not be performed. I've chosen dummy because %dummy% is used at ohert places in mp3 tag (e.g. guess values) to represent something that is ignored. So it's unlikely that somebody acctually has this tag field.

I guess you are right about that.

Is there a preferred way to log a feature request for a future version?

Or will it be seen here?


Oh, I'm waiting for this too. It'll be a lot easier to masstag tracks with unwanted tags :slight_smile:

Removing and managing tags (not fields) has always been awkward, confusing, and somewhat error-prone in Mp3tag. Probably it's single weakest point.

Florian, any progress on this missing feature? :rolleyes:

Does guys you find out a way to delete (remove, clear, wipe) all tag information from mp3 file by means of action? I mean the same thing what Ctrl-R does, when all checkboxes in Tools-Options-Tags MPEG-Remove section are checked.

See post #2 above. Pone shows how to use the "Remove Fields Except" action with a dummy target. This way, there are no exceptions....everything is removed.

It really works! :slight_smile: Oh, sorry, i didn't understand it from first glance. MP3TAG seems to be a perfect :slight_smile:

From what I've seen with Flac files, this doesn't actually remove the tag, it only removes all of the fields from the tag.

If I remove all fields from a Flac file, Mp3tag shows that there is no longer a Flac tag (which is actually a metadata block of type 4 (VORBIS_COMMENT). This is incorrect. If you examine the file with metaflac.exe you can see that the VORBIS_COMMENT block is empty, but it's still there.

E:\Music\Brian Jonestown Massacre\Methodrone>metaflac --list --block-type=VORBIS_COMMENT "02 Wisdom.flac"
METADATA block #2
  type: 4 (VORBIS_COMMENT)
  is last: false
  length: 40
  vendor string: reference libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917
  comments: 0

Maybe because in the list of blocks there is a following block PADDING, which collects the freed-up space.


I just tested it with some Mp3 files containing ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.3 tags and it does appear to remove the entire tag when all fields are removed. Maybe there's some particular reason that Mp3tag doesn't remove the entire Flac tag and then pretends it's not there. Perhaps to avoid removing the 'vendor string' information, but that's just a guess.

BTW, the proper way to do this is to use the keyword 'NONE'.

Action type: Remove fields except
Fields to leave: NONE

No, that will leave the tag-field NONE, like the other proposal, which will leave the tag-Field DUMMY, in case such tag-fields had been created in the file.

I like this method ...
Action type: Remove fields except
Fields to leave: ;

This will remove all tag-fields, even when there is a tag-field with the name ";".


I assume, though it's not written this way, that pone meant %dummy% (not "dummy" by itself), as it's treated the same way %dummy% is used in naming schemes. That is, it's treated as a non-entity, a "variable" to be ignored.

While setting up the action "Remove fields except" and filling the edit line "Fields to leave" be aware of:
Writing tag-field placeholders or values like %ARTIST% is bad syntax for this action.
Writing tag-field names like ARTIST is correct syntax for this action.


Well, guys, i don't know what is the matter, but for me it works, when file contains ID3V2 only. When it contains both ID3V2 and ID3V1 MP3TAG removes ID3V2, ID3V1 and... get a ID3V1 Track and Tile tags filled with Track 1, 1 Track 2, 2 etc :frowning: