Remove tag fields with exceptions


I'm a complete newb to this tagging thing so please bear with me.

What I want is to remove ALL tags but the following:
Year (only year no date)

I would like to do this on all MP3's and 100's/1000's at a time.

Can it be done? if so how?

Thanks in advance

You could try the action "Remove fields except":

Select the files
Press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue
See the list of fields that are available in at least one file.
Select the field that you do not want, click the red x to select the field for deletion.
Do so with all the fields.
Click OK to save the changes..

This appears to work but where it says Track 1 of 44 it is leaving the 44.

How do I get rid of the 44 without manually going from file to file removing it?

Thanks everyone for your fast replies btw, I know the number of tracks isn't important and can only be seen in Musicbee but my OCD knows it is there and therefore it must go away lol.

Derp, I got it!

I just selected all the culprit files at once in MB and deleted the 44 and it removed it in them all,

So simple.

Thanks all for helping, bye.