remove tag from list?

By a typo, I have enter a tag called "%TITLE%" (with the extra % signs) on my tag list. Now it is stuck there. can I get rid of it?


There are several ways to remove tag fields ...

  1. Use the remove function from within the "Extended Tags" dialog.
  2. Use an action "Remove Fields".


I don't mean removing the field from a file. I meant removing it from MP3TAG's list of tags.

So far the only way I figure out is to use a binary editor on mp3tag.cfg

If you are able to invoke a "RightArrowButtonMenu", then try "Remove from History".


How to remove tag fields from the list:

  • Select a file, click View > :mt_tag: Extended Tags...
  • Click on :mt_new: and select the field name you want to remove
  • Press SHIFT + DEL
  • Now select a different field and enter some value
  • Click OK twice and exit Mp3tag
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