'Remove tag' is too dangerous

Selection of which tags to remove is too deep in Options. Besides you have to check two places for Mpeg and Mpc-Ape independently. So every time before you choose 'Remove tag' you have to keep in mind to go to Options and check what tags will be removed. Not quite user friendly. :frowning:

Proposal is to turn 'Remove tag' into submenu with individual items representing different tag types. Every item would be enabled only if at least one of the selected tracks has corresponding tag type. Apart from items like 'ID3v1', 'ID3v2', 'Ape', etc. you could also add something like 'Batch' to be able to execute current behavior (remove tags as specified in Options).

It would be also greate to be able to compare values of the same field in different tags.
There is already tags types separation in Options (e.g. which to read). So instead of switching the options three times (!) to choose the best values why not to have easy way to compare them?
As for the UI you could simply add three extra text fields at the bottom of 'Extended Tags' dialog. So when one selects TITLE they will show title value in ID3v1, ID3v2 and Ape respectively. (well, the number and titles of fields have to be dynamic to support different file types but I don't think it's too complex to implement). And besides you won't need to have 'Edit tag info' dialog anymore (?) since one will be able to edit value(s) directly on the 'Extended Tags' dialog! Which is also usability improvement.

P.S. And why are 'Extended Tags', 'Tag Copy', etc. capitalized while 'Remove tag' and 'Save tag' have normal sentence case?