Remove tags as an action

I'm usually using the built-in menu-action "Remove Tags" (CTRL+R) to delete all other tags than ID3v.2.4 from my mp3. This works fine.
Now I want to include this action in an action group - but doesn't know how...?!

2nd question:
If I do this action to FLAC files, all tags are gone.
To exclude them Is there a way to write something like "if %tag% <> flac then "remove tags"?


You can use this two actions
a) Remove fields
b) Remove fields except

Using the first one, you can define all the tags you want to remove by name.
Using the second one, you define all the tags you want NOT to be removed (keeped).

You could use a filter first to list only the files with other extensions then FLAC.
Something like
NOT %_extension% IS FLAC
Or you define a new column with a value like %_CODEC% or %_FILENAME_EXT% and sort your tracks by this column. Then you select only the ones you want to apply your action.

@LyricsLovers thanks, but this is not what I mean:
I already have an action "remove field except ALBUM;ALBUMARTIST;ARTIST;COMPOSER;COPYRIGHT;GENRE;LYRICIST;MEDIATYPE;PICTURE;TITLE;TRACK;YEAR" but it leaves old ID3v.2.1 tags eg.

Maybe I should explain it more specific:
I wanna only have files with ID3v2.4 tags in my collection. No other I, I D-tags.

I defined:
Read: ID3v2
Write: ID3v2.4 UTF-8
Remove: ID3v1, APE

So if I get a file with (e.g.) ID3v1 tags , I press CTRL+R and SAVE and all other tags are deleted and only ID3v2.4 tags are written (shown under %_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)] )

This "action" (CTRL+R) I wanna include as an action in an action group...

And yes, the solution with a special column and sorting is the way I do it now - but I was looking for a solution to have MP3tag do this that it automatically "ignores" FLACs...

I don't think that the status has changed since: