"Remove tags" removes too much!

Under "Tools/Options/Tags/..." we can specify which tags to remove when pressing CTRL+R. At least for "Mpeg" and "Ape, Mpc ..." type files (which are these, exactly?).

So I decided to finally get rid of my ID3v1 tags, since these were only in my files for "old compatibility" reasons and found out some horrible truth:

We cannot specify what to do with OGG and WMA files! ... And MP3Tag will happily go along and erase whatever is in there (like the OGG Vorbis Comment or the WMA Tags)! This may also be the case with other file types, like .flac or the like, but I didn't test.

So watch out if you have a larger collection with more than only one file type!

I figured I could specify "Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg/Remove..." only ID3v1 and APE and leave all ID3v2 tags alone. This worked beautifully on MP3 files and erased all info in all OGG and WMA files!

(To be honest: Of course I didn't wipe my collection, but I tried first using 3 or 4 copied files... Good to be a little paranoid, at times...)

Could we please have

  • -either- (preferably) Tag options like for Mpeg/Ape, Mpc ... for ALL supported file types
  • -or- at least something like "I won't erase anything I don't know"?

Hi Moonbase!

This is intended behaviour. Mp3tag has options for removing different tag types for file types where different tag types are possible.

For all other file types with only one supported tag type (like Ogg Vorbis, WMA, ...) Remove Tags does exactly what it is supposed to do, that is, removing tags.

Kind regards,

Well, then is what you describe here not feasible for mixed filetype collections :frowning: ... and some other safe way for "cleaning up" must be found.

Ideas, anyone?

You can use the Filter [F3] with _FILENAME set to .mp3 to display only MP3 files and invert result to work on your other audio files.

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Working on creating FLACs for my CD collection using EAC, it seems I have ended up with .flac files with both FLAC and ID3v2 tags (EAC has setting to add ID3 tags to FLAC files).

Now, how do I remove the ID3v2 tags without also removing the FLAC tags? I've tried playing with the remove settings, but result is that everything is removed, since there is no option to keep FLAC tags.

When undoing though, I get only FLAC tags as a result - I am, however, not too keen on relying on undo...

Trying to modify file and save does not remove the ID3v2 tag either (since it is only possible to deselect ID3v1 on write options).

Please advise

Finally, a great thanks to Florian and Dano for this great piece of software and community interaction, as well as to those contributing in the forum with feedback, questions, feature proposals etc. Mp3tag is, IMHO, by far the best tagger available, including retail options!

Remove and Undo is the only way to get rid of ID3v2 tags in FLAC files with Mp3tag.