Remove text within parentheses

I have been using MP3tag for awhile, and have always been able to find the answers to my questions by searching the forums. But this time, although there are many similar questions and lots of answers, none of them have worked for me. Maybe because I don't really understand the formulae, I just follow instructions like recipes.

I have many files named like this:

CBC Monday Night Playhouse - Dudley Chronicles - s01e01 - Seven Dudley Sins - L (CBC Monday Night Playhouse - Dudley Chronicles - s01e01 - Seven Dudley Sins - L.mp3).mp3

CBC Monday Night Playhouse - Je Me Souviens (CBC Monday Night Playhouse - Je Me Souviens.mp3).mp3

They all have redundant text in parentheses that I want to delete, along with the parentheses themselves. As mentioned, I've tried many suggestions, but none have worked. Any help would be appreciated.

The first advice is always to rebuild a filename from the content of the tag-fields. For this it it is necessary to have the tags filled with equivalent information.
So, is the information you want to have in your filename in the tags?

Try this:

Action: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: (.+)(\s\(.+)(\..+)
Replace matches with: $1$3

There is the function "Convert>Filename-Filename"
Source pattern: %1 (%2)
Target pattern: %1

But I completely agree with @poster: fill the tags, use the tag data to rename the files.

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In this case, the tags are identical to the filename. Thanks.

This worked almost perfectly! The .mp3) was leftover, but I can remove that by simply deleting the last 5 characters, which I know how to do. Thank you very, very much!

(I performed the operation on the title field, rather than the filename field, and now I'll copy the tag back to the filename.)