Remove the same characters of all the tags

I'm a french user of Mp3Tag.
Since I changed my mp3 player (musicbee instead of foobar) I have a chinese character which was added to every tag.
So, I'm looking for a method to remove it automatically.

Does Mp3Tag allow to remove the same character of all the tags?
If yes, how can I do ?



Action "Replace using Regular Expression"
Field: _TAG
Regular Expression:
Replace by:

... but I suspect the "chinese" error has to be searched within another corner of your tags.


Yes, you're right, this character doesn't appear when I edit the tags with Mp3Tag ; so, I can't use your solution.

I really don't understand why this chinese character appears only in MusicBee.
Unfortunately, I think i will have to change each tag manually in MusicBee (25k tracks...)


  1. So what do you change to make the "chinese" character to disappear?
  2. Please provide a textual example string ...
    and/or a screenshot picture, which demonstrates the "chinese" character.


The chinese characters are : å”ć……
(sometimes only the first)

I thus have to edit the tags of every title in MusicBee (edit/properties/tag), one by one, and erase it.
It's long and cumbersome...

I'm going to ask the question on the MusicBee forum (I should maybe have begun with that) and I shall inform you if I have an answer.


I would say that the source program does not know how to deal with characters that are not encoded with a single byte.

ok, I created a topic on the forum of MusicBee (in my approximate English...)


I am not sure if this helps at all:
Mp3diags has a function that converts characters from a particular codepage to unicode characters. Perhaps you get mp3diags, load a couple of files and see if that function is of any use.

Also: if you have stored some of the information in the filename, you could use the Convert>Filename-Tag function to restore that to the tags. And then perhaps you get the missing information from one of the web sources or the freedb.