Remove the same text in evey fields and for every songs


I'm new on this forum, but I'm using MP3 Tag since a long time ago.

I've a question : I'm currently using the action "remove fileds except" to remove some undesired text "" in, my example.

But for fields like title and genre I have to maunally remove it.

Is there a way to add an action which removes in every fileds the following text and in addition remove the space between the end of the track name like "(Original Mix)" between ) and ?

SO with this, I will just have to drag a folder and launch the action and then the software will perform it automatically.

Thanks in advance.

Create an action of the type (simple) "Replace" for _ALL
Search string:
(perhaps with a leading blank)
Replace string:
(leave empty)

Thanks a lot !!! A created a lot of actions in order to clean fields of my mp3's