Remove the text that is in one tag from another

Is this do-able?

I have a bunch of files that have no tags, and the filenames are terrible, e.g.
Stevie Wonder You Are The Sunshine of my Life.FLAC

I have populated all the %title% tags with this filename.

I figure it won't be too much effort to populate the %artist% fields manually.

However, what I would then like to be able to do is run an Action to remove the contents of the %artist% from the %title% tag, but I'm struggling with how to define this.
I appreciate there might be flaws in this, e.g.
The The This is the Day.FLAC
would result in:
%Artist%: The The %Title%: This is Day
...but I can manually fix anomalies like that.

Try an action of the type "Format value" or Convert>Tag-Tag for TITLE
Format string: $replace(%title%,%artist% ,)

(The converter has a preview, so you can check if it works)

That worked! Thank you!!!

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