Remove the word "feat" and all characters past it


I'm trying to create an action for the (artist and/or title field) to delete the word "feat" and all words or characters past it.


Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt

I want it to read:
Dash Berlin

Create an action of the type "Guess value" for the field e.g. ARTIST
Enter as guessing pattern: %artist% feat. %dummy%

The action is case-sensitive.


Is there a way to not make it not case sensitive and also remove everything even if its "feat." or "feat"?

Very much appreciated

The action itself not - but you can create an action group that first carries out a number of other actions to unifiy the string in respect to case and all the other variation like "ft" "featuring" "with" etc.

Here are the actions I have now, one for every version of feature. Would your suggestion resolve the multiple variations?

Put all the similar actions in one action group

If you tick the actions you want to execute and put them in the correct order, you can achive that goal.
Probably more to the point would be to put those actions into one group that should lead to a defined result like the elimination of "feat".

I understand now... didn't realize I could select more then one action at a time.

Thanks again for your help