Remove Titel from Artist

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I have a Artist tag look like that :

Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

I Want to remove the "String" song name from the Artist tag so it looks like:

Christina Aguilera

What should the Replace with regular expression look like ?


Define an action:

Action Type: Guess values
Source Format: %artist%
Guessing pattern: %artist% - %dummy%

Thank you workede like a cham :slight_smile: -

If i have some numbers look like that in Artist

01 Britney spears - Hit me baby

And will remove track number and title what should the Guess values look like ? :slight_smile:

Trying to learn :slight_smile:

Sorry bad english :slight_smile:

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Actions of the type "Guess values" require a unique character as a seperator between tag-fields.
A white space normally is not such a unique seperator, because a tag-field may have a lot of white spaces.
In this special case with only one white space it will work.

To get the tags TRACK, ARTIST and TITLE out of this artist-tag your pattern has to look like this:

%track% %artist% - %title%

If you don't want to extract one or more of these tags out of the artist-tag you have to replace these tag-variables that you don't want with %dummy%.

If you want to learn how to work with these patterns use the convert-menue "Filename - Tag". There you have a preview and you can experiment.