Remove total track number from x/y format

Hi. I have searched the forums for my answer and can't find an exact reply. Apologies if it is listed. Here's my problem:
Most music app mobile players/streamers sort their tracks alphabetically using the track "title" as reference. PlugPlayer for example. I am able to add track numbers to the song title tag to get my music app player to list songs numerically. That bit is fine. Now the tracks play in the correct order. However as my current files are track number taged in the 01/20 format (track 01 of 20) for example the resulting re-taging of the track titles is "01/20 - Track title" which looks bad. How do I re-tag the title witout the "/20" total track part keeping only the track number which must keep the leading zero in both the title and the track number sections of the tag. I also need to do this across multiple files in batch.

For Track = 01/20
$num(%track%,2) returns 01

Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry I'm a newbe here. Can you please explain how I use this string exactly?

How did you manage to add the track numbers to the song titles?

Are all titles already changed to "01/20 - Track title" ?

Hi. No. Originaly the mp3 files had song "titles" only and no numbers. I used Mp3tag tag-tag function and used %track% - %title% to make this change. This is where the problem started.

Ok so you should have use Tag - Tag with
$num(%track%,2) - %title%
but that's not possible anymore since the title already has the track numbers.

To fix "01/20 - Track title" to "01 - Track title"
use Tag - Tag on TITLE with

Thanks a lot for this. I'll give it a go.

Hi. That worked perfectly.
Thank you very much.