Remove track # from Title field

I need to remove track number in the title field, the title field says: 01 - Title, I want it to say only Title.
I tried creating a regex like described here.

The regex in the quote above did not work for me. What am I doing wrong?

I do not know.

Following expressions can remove leading digits, space, hyphen from the tag-field TITLE ...

$regexp(%TITLE%,'^\s*[0-9]+\s*-\s*',%DUMMY%) $trimLeft(%TITLE%,'0123456789 -')


For some reason I didn't get that to work either. Thanks for the help nevertheless.
In the end I just used filename to tag, with %dummy% - %dummy% - %title% - and that worked like a charm.

A couple years ago when I first did a huge batch of cleaning up, I actually managed to successfully play around with the regex, but now I am completely dazzled by it again.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

Hi PlatypusPedersen, in your first request post you wrote ...

01 - Title, I want it to say only Title.

I gave you two scripting expressions in order to apply with an action "Format value".
Both proposals work successfully with your example string "01 - Title" to give only "Title".

Now you report about a different case looking like that: "%dummy% - %dummy% - %title% -"

In general Mp3tag provides more than one way to find a solutíon.
You discovered a way for your different case, you have initially not asked for, and it is good, if it works for you.