remove track no

how to remove track no without changing song name.

(song name = TITLE or song name = file name?)
There are several ways:
format a tag field,
replace a certain part of a tag field
split a tag field
import tag fields.
(and probably some more)
So please give an example of the song name and the before and after.

i am unable to understand what u said......

plz said what can i do step by step. in my pc thousand of songs with track no
1 to 1000.{Ex- 1vengaboys, 2boom boom, 3lets party} and its very diffucult to rename every song one by one plz help me to remove track no from song in simple way

plz give screenshot or video link if possible

That is a pity

I'll try again: give an EXACT example of what you find. And if one example isn't enough then supply examples for every variation.

Specify the tag field that has to be modified. And do not mistake the FILENAME for the TITLE.
Before you haven't supplied that information it is absolutely pointless to ...

I hope that this was understandable.