Remove tracknumber if it is "00" or contains a slash "/"

For quite a while I'm trying to remove the tracknumber if it is 00 or contains a Slash "/".
For removing if it is "00" I got this Action:
Format Tag Field Track to $if($eql(%TRACK%,'00'),,%TRACK%)

but how can i remove it if it is "00" or contains a slash (/)?
it has to be something like: $if($or($eql(%TRACK%,'00'),$stricmp(%TRACK%,'/')),,%TRACK%) but this doesnt work...

Somebody has an idea??

You are missing the logic operator for $stricmp() - I would use $STRSTR() and then add a number comparator like $gt($strstr(%track%,'/'),0)

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thank you - this is THE solution!!! and helps so much for other cases!!! THANK YOU!

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