Remove WMP PRIV Tags

I have many files that WMP tagged with it's PRIV tags.
I have tried several ways to remove these tags with no luck.
I created an Action Group, Chose Remove fields as the action and entered this for the fields to remove:

The tags are not removed when I run the group.

So, how can I remove these tags?

Thanks for any tips.

I also ran into this problem, and I found that with ID3 Raw Tag viewer ( I can remove them. However this is a manual operation.

In Mp3tag do a "Tag Cut" and then "Tag Paste". The cut will remove the tags and the paste will only put back tags that are supported by Mp3tag and since Priv tags aren't supported they won't be copied back.

Make sure in Options > Tags > Mpeg you have ID3v2 checked for both Write and Remove.