Removed all tags - need to put back

Hi all. I removed the tags on all of my mp3s in order to stop unwanted Album Art from appearing in my directories (inappropriate for my young students). I didn't realise that this would stop Media Player from recognising my mp3s. Idiot!!!!

How do I put tags back on and what should those tags be in order for Media Player to play my mp3s but not attract unwanted Album Art from the internet (or wherever)?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Unless you have some information hidden in the file or folder names, you have to listen to every track and enter what it is. MP3tag does not guess what it might be.

There are settings in the Windows Media Player in Extras>Options>Player like "Connect to the internet" or in the tab "Data security" > Show media information from the internet which should all be disabled. May be worthwhile to check the settings first.

Thank you very much for such a fast response. :+1:

If you really can not derive the song names, artists and album names from the folder or file names you can try to use Picard (from MusicBrainz). This software "listen" to your music and "guess" what song it could be - with the help of acoustic fingerprints. More infos at step #5

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