removing 2nd appearance of artist in title field..


i have several tracks in my collections i am trying to clean up tags for.. what i am trying to do is create an action that will compare the artist and title fields, and if the artist field appears in the title field.. i would like for it to be omitted. example below..

current track looks like this:

artist: Morlack
title: Ghetto Vaccination (Morlack 2014 Remix)

id like it to look like this:

artist: Morlack
title: Ghetto Vaccination (2014 Remix)

any help is appreciated. thanks!

You can use an action of the type "Format tag-field" for TITLE
Format string: $replace(%title%,%artist% ,)

perfect! it worked beautifully! thank you so much!

Aside from the issue of removing unnecessary [doubled] information:

In this case it should be "mix", and not "remix"

Remix is something done by someone else, dome other DJ / produceder or musician from a second band. If a guy himself makes 10 version of one song and spreads them around on lets say 3 of his different albums / singles, then those are to be called mixes [and not remixes]