Removing a portion of a tag

Hello all,

I have a feeling this is probably something relatively simple but I'd like to remove a portion/section in the ALBUM field for hundreds of files. All formatted the same. Basically;

041 - Various Artists - The Blue Hen Label


041 - The Blue Hen Label

Just removing "Various Artists - ". I'd seen other posts mentioning "guess values" but they were older posts and I can't seem to find this function anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Use the Replace action instead.
Field: Album
Original: Various Artists - [include the trailing space after the dash]
Replace with: [leave empty]

Life saver! I knew the answer would be easy enough. And now that I know this little ditty it'll help in loads of other spots as well! Thanks a ton!

Sometimes it helps to be more creative here to avoid having the replace affect something unintended.
Field: Album
Original:- Various Artists - [the find includes the leading and trailing " - "]
Replace with: - [replace the whole section with just one " - "]

This can avoid any albums where you may have used the text you are seeking in the name, as it is unlikely it has the full text string you are looking to remove.

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That makes total sense. It this case, your original post worked perfectly but this gives me even greater understanding on how this works. Thanks again.

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