Removing all disc numbers

First of all: thanks for such an awesome program!!! Up to now I used various music player to edit the tags but over time little errors crept in or things were different in various mp3's, so I decided to have a good look at everything to make it all as consequent as possible. I like that. :wink: Anyway, Mp3tag is THE program to get this done!

I already found out most I need to know (how to get rid of unwanted tag versions, how to get rid of tags I don't need (I only need a few), how to rename files or tracks, add numbers, change titles to capitals and whatever) but there is one thing I can't figure out: some of my albums have a disc number and in Mp3tag this shows up as 1/1 in the tracknumber column. Now I would like to get rid of all disc number because I never ever use them. Whenever I have an album with more then one disc, each disc goes into its own folder and the number is added as CD1, CD2 etc. to the title of the album. Those numbers aren't getting in the way or something, but I would like to get everything as precise and exact and consequent as possible. Again, simply because I like that. :wink:

Now of course I can easily manually overwrite the numbers (btw I love how you can directly type in the columns and change things immediately!) but there MUST be a way to automate this!

Now I did find a post about some strings I had to enter somewhere, but I have no clue where, really, so I was hoping someone might tell me here in simple terms what and where to enter the commands to get rid of ALL disc numbers in one go!

Could you check that again?
It looks weird to me that the discnumber should show up in the TRACK column.
There is a special field DISCNUMBER to store the disc number.

To get rid of the DISCNUMBER field you could define a filter with
%discnumber% PRESENT
Any file that shows has the field DISCNUMBER populated - you can delete the field easily in the extended tags dialogue (press Alt-T), select the field, click on the red X to delete).

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I had another look and found out that a bunch of albums had the discnumber ALSO in the tracknumber tag (1/1, 2/1, etc.) and a few other variations. Since there weren't too many albums with this kind of numbering, I simply edited them manually. There is indeed a seperate discnumber tag so I don't know how or why that number was added to the tracknumber tag... (There also were a few albums numbered like 01, 02... instead of 1, 2... odd. I also changed that manually.)

I did use the Alt-T screen to get rid of ALL tags I don't need (I only need 5). Worked like a charm. Did it on all 3000 mp3's at once and it was done in seconds. And boy, what a lot of hidden tags there were! All kinds of iTunes and comments crap...! I deleted everything. Nice.

BTW Thanks to the cover column I could also quickly see which albums didn't have art embedded so that's taken care of now too. It's easy to see anyway if a tag is missing or different with Mp3tag.

While I was at it I also removed all tags but the ID3v2.3 ones: I noticed a lot of mp3's were using more then 1 tag. Didn't even know that could happen...!

My mp3's haven't looked this good in ages. :wink:

Just to gibe you some unrequested information:
If you want to have a unified format for your track numbers, you could create an action of the type
"Format value" for the field TRACK.
Enter as format string:

This will add padding to all numbers up to 99.
If you want to take care of numbers up to 999 then use