Removing artist name from %title% field

OK, here's a little annoyance i get with some podcasts i subscribe to:

For reference, the fields in displayed order are: Artist-Track#-Title-Album

I'm looking for a way to automate removal of duplicated text, if anyone can help?

create an action that replaces with regular expressions in the field Title

the search string would be:
"%artist% - "
leave the "replace with string" empty.
THis should erase the artist and the hyphen from the title.
Works only if the artist is already known and spelt just like in the title.
If there is more superfluous data in your title field that is stored elsewhere you may incorporate that field in a similar fashion in the search string.

That doesn't work.

What you can do for example:
Action type: Format value
Field: TITLE
Format string: $replace(%title%,%artist% - ,)

Action type: Guess values
Source format: %title%
Guessing pattern: %dummy% - %title%

Thank's Dano, that worked exactly as i needed it to.