Removing " , " at end of Artist field

Hi !

I need to remove the character " , " when it is present at the end of Artist Name field.

How do I remove it ?

Your example character string is three characters long "space comma space".

So my first thought was ...
$trim(%ARTIST%,' ,')
... which removes space and comma from both sides of the given string.

Second thought was using a regular expression ...
... which removes space and comma from the end of the string, if existing.

There might be other Mp3tag scripting solutions.


Still having problems.... :unsure:


PLEASE ! tell me where I put those commands. ie., (replace, regular expression, guess value....)

What I want is to remove the "," if it appears after the Artist Name:

from ARTIST: Madonna,
to ARTIST: Madonna

Yes, you can use an action "Guess values" too! Thanks for the hint.
Action "Guess values"
Source format: %ARTIST%
Guessing pattern: %ARTIST%,


Thanks again !!! You are the very best member here....

:rolleyes: Hehe, Kimosavi, so much praise, maybe one of few, I do not know if I really deserve it.


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