Removing (Automating) Slashes

Good Afternoon,

I have been using MP3Tag for a while and love it!

One thing that has now occurred to me is that I am manually typing everything and wondered if anyone could help?

Basically, the Filename, Title and Artist are all the same name as formatted as such:

For example, a song by Queen called We Are The Champions would be:
Queen / We Are The Champions

What I am doing is manually editing the Title, removing everything to the left of the slash and then manually editing the Artist, removing everything to the right of the slash. Then once I have done an album I will then highlight and change the filename using the convert option.

Is there an automated way I can ask MP3Tag do the editing, know the artist is on the left of the slash and the title is on the right?

If so, please help!!


Use an action of the type "Guess value" (import tag field)
Source: %title%
Target: %artist% / %title%

Thank your for your reply - When you say "Guess Value" (Import tag field) - Where is this option? Sorry, I am looking under Convert --> Tag to Tag... is this the wrong place?


Indeed it is the wrong place.
You have to create an action (either a quick one or one in an action group - see the tool bar for these 2 functions).
See the HowTos if you feel not confident how to create an action:


I really appreciate that!! I wish I asked before spending around 12hrs doing 1000's of tracks manually!!

Again, Thank you.