Removing cover art to save space ?


In order to save some space, I'm trying to remove the cover tag from a whole directory containing .flac files that all have the same Cover Art embedded.

I checked the total size of all files before doing mass-removing the 220kB big conver art from them, and after removing the cover art from them all using "Extended Tags..." & then went on deleting the cover art.

.... unfortunatelly after MP3Tag removed to cover art from them all, there is no size reduction at all, not a single byte ? :flushed:

What am I doing wrong please ?

Probably nothing. See here.
Maybe re-encoding after removing the tags would reduce the size.
But consider this:
If the average FLAC file is 22 MB and contains a 220 KB art tag then you would have to remove the tags from approximately 100 files in order to create space for 1 new FLAC file. Is it worth whatever effort is required? Of course, the answer is different for everybody. :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks for explaining Ryerman,
I understand that, in case of .flac files, the size difference would be rather small, but i didn't expect that removing like 100 x a 220kB conver art wouldn't actually reduce the total size of them all by 1 single byte.
Could the same result (or no result at all) be expected when removing cover tags from mp3 files, or would these have to be re-encoded too ?

For MP3s you should see an immediate difference if the cover is big enough to span several disc sectors.
Just a personal note: there are loads of posts that deal with the lack of covers and where to get them. So it is a very tedious task to find the covers.
Removing them to save space only to postpone the investment into a new harddisk for the nexte one or two albums is payed for bitterly with the effort to regain the covers again.
Unless your player has restrictions as it only understands a certain, coverless tag version I wouldn't do it. But this only my personal opinion.
If you want to get a reduction in occupied disc space you could consider to resample your files with a lower bitrate or try to remove all the duplicates that have crept into the library. One duplicate frees discspace worth dozens of removed covers.

ohrenkino is correct. You can see this yourself in Mp3tag by creating a column in the file window using %_file_size_bytes% as the value and experimenting with MP3 files.

I suggest never re-encoding MP3 files (or any lossy format). This will diminish the audio quality. Lossless formats (like FLAC) can usually be re-encoded or transcoded to other lossless formats without diminishing audio quality.