removing "Cover Description"?

Is it possible to remove the cover description? I started using MuvUnder Cover to bulk search for new cover art, and when I save the files and then inspect them in MP3tag, I notice that it adds "Added by MuvUnder Cover" to the cover description. I was hoping to remove this with an action?


First filter out all the tracks that contain one cover. For more than 2 you will have to manually do them.

Filter, Press F3:


%_covers%" EQUAL "1"


Begin Action Group djatwork Cover Problem Action #1 Actiontype 13: Export cover image to file Formatstring for image filename: %album artist%- %album% %year% %publisher% [_] Export duplicate cover images Action #2 Actiontype 12: Import cover image from file Formatstring for image filename: %album artist%- %album% %year% %publisher%.jpg Import cover as: Cover Front [X] Delete existing cover image

End Action Group djatwork Cover Problem (2 Actions)

Test on a couple of files first.

Also see this post I put up on creating a column for displaying cover art info:


On the plus side this will create a backup of all your Artwork to the co-existing folder if you have not already done so.


this is close to what i want, but i want to cut out any unnecessary steps, and i dont want a copy of the covers anywhere.

i have a library of 60,000+ songs, so it has to be completely automated with actions. it would be nice if we could simply remove this field without touching the cover.

it would also be nice if mp3tag gave us a list of tags to choose from under the "remove field action" rather than relying on the user to have the field names memorized, this is a huge pain