Removing Different Occurrences of Parentheses

Hello All,

I recently purchased Bach's complete cantatas as 24-bit FLAC downloads. While I have been successfully using Mp3tag for years to organize my music library, this purchase of over 1200 tracks is a bit challenging due to the sheer number of parentheses that the publisher has included in the track names. While many of these pairs of parentheses make sense, they have enclosed the entire name of each cantata in parentheses for some inexplicable reason. These are what I would like to be able to quickly remove. The problem is compounded, however, as there are at least three different ways that these parentheses appear in relation to the other parentheses. Here are examples, with explanation for each of the exact parentheses that I would like to remove:

(Ein ungefärbt Gemüte, BWV 24) - V. Aria (tenor) - Treu und Wahrheit sei der Grund…
REMOVE ( before Ein and ) after 24

(Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit, (Actus tragicus), BWV 106) - IIIa. Aria (alto)
REMOVE ( before Gottes and ) after 106; keep () around Actus tragicus

(O heiliges Geist- und Wasserbad, BWV 165 (Kantate am Trinitatisfest)) - I. Aria (soprano)
REMOVE ( before O and ) after Trinitatisfest); keep () around Kanate am Trinitatisfest

Any ideas, again keeping in mind that these are just examples and there are many variations on the exact wording and numbers throughout the tracks.

Thank you!

Are we talking about the TITLE tagfield or the filename?
If it is the filename, what content have the tagfields?

You could try:

TITLE tagfield. I use pretty simplistic file names as I don't like them to be too long. Thanks.

Interestingly, this worked perfectly on SOME of the titles in this format, but not all of them. Very curious. I will have to see if I can figure out why. Thank you for the suggestion, ohrenkino!

It worked for all the examples that you supplied....

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