Removing extra info from date

So I like to have my Year formatted YYYY-MM-DD. When you get an album from itunes it also includes the time and it looks like YYYY-MM-DDT07:00:00Z.

I used an action to get rid of the time after after the date, but it's pretty slow (all my other actions run pretty quick) and I couldn't figure out how to delete any time and not just the time I put in (for example the one above is 07:00:00, and usually it's 7 or 8 but I'd rather just have one all encompassing expression).

Here's the expression I used:
Guess Values
Source Format: %year%
Guessing Pattern: %year%T07:00:00Z
and then the same thing but with the guessing pattern time as 8

If anyone can help me find a better action I'd really appreciate your help.

Guessing Pattern: %year%T%dummy%

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Please note that YEAR only expects 4 digits. So using a non-standard data format could lead to incompatibilies.
The long data including time looks like data from the field RELEASETIME to me.
Concatenating RELEASETIME to just a day without the time would render the data format invalid for that field.

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