Removing extraneous genre tags

Ok so I have a fairly large music collection (around 50k songs) and when I used to DJ I would have many songs to have multiple genres listed eg: Taylor Swift - Love Story had the genres


Today I no longer DJ so multi genres is not needed. Now I have a stream radio station that ONLY reads a single genre from the genre tag...anything more is not read. So my question is what should I need to do in order to simply bulk edit the tags to remove all but the first tag? All the multi tag songs' tags are colon separated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

You could try an action of the type "Split field by separator" with the semicolon as separator

and then an action of the type "Remove duplicate fields"

or you could try Convert>Tag-Tag for GENRE
Format string: $regexp(%genre%,(.*?);.*,$1)

BUT: why throw away that painstakingly gathered data in GENRE only because your current player ignores most of it.
If you should switch to another player that might be able to cope with more genre data, it would be hard to restore.

What I mean is that the streaming software only reads tags with letters, numbers and spaces. if any other character (such as a colon or semicolon) is detected the genre field is disregarded..

Hope you understand.

The ID3V2.3 standard allows user-defined genres and AFAIK there is no limitation in respect to allowed characters. So any comma, slash, hyphen, dot, etc. should not lead to such a behaviour that

A feedback would be nice whether the function worked as requested.

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