Removing fields completely


Hi all,

I am new here. First off thanks for this software, it's the single best mp3 tag program on the net!

I am trying to remove the data in some fields like publisher, composer, etc, but without affecting other fields like track, album, artist, etc.

Is it possible?

Thank you kindly.



This is possible using the extended tag editor :mt_tags: View > Extended Tags... or an action Remove fields except.

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Thanks Florian, that worked great!


Would it be possible to show how to add the action to remove all fields except album art?

I want to remove APE and Lyrics3v2 and a way I can think of doing that is to export the basic tags, remove all tags (except album art), import tag information again.


Lyrics3 Tags are only removed in combination with ID3v1 tags. So if you want to remove Lyrics3 and APEv2 and want to keep ID3v2 tags, enable removing of ID3v1 and APEv2 at Options > Tags > Mpeg and remove them via [Ctrl+R] or via :mt_delete: File > Remove Tags.

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