Removing Fields under Edit Tag Info

Is there any way to remove these? Recently ACOUSTID_FINGERPRINT & ACOUSTID_ID were added I don't use these & they get in the way when I'm entering Album.

You can delete any field in the extended tags dialogue. This works for all selected files.
If you get more information than you want, you can create an action of the type "Remove fields except" in which you enter a list of fields that you want to keep. All others get deleted.
if you get that information with a web source script, you can edit the script and remove the retrieval of the unwanted fields.

No, I mean from the Field: options list.

unless it is a user-defined field: not at all.
And as soon as you edit one of these (user-defined) fields, it gets added again.
To clean up the list, see the functions in the right-arrow-button-menu next to the dropdown box.

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Ok, that does it, thanks!