Removing format strings from converter

My list of format strings for conversions :mt_tff: of filename --> tag and vice versa is ever growing, because my internet radio recorder supplies different filename sequences for every station...
Is there a way to just empty the complete list of format strings or (even better) delete part of the format strings? I could do it manually via "aus Liste entfernen/remove from list", but that requires about 5 mouse clicks and mouse moves for every entry. A search in the forum and Help came up empty.

Thank you to the developer(s) for creating this tool, BTW --very useful to tag my numerous radio recordings in a standardized way.
Aetherlauscher, newbie.

the following thread shows the programmer's answer to a similar problem.
Clearing/Sorting "Convert Filename to Tag" pull down list

Thanks a lot. Works perfectly :slight_smile:. Note for other users: There must be at least one format string left in the list, otherwise you cannot save the changes and the strings will remain in the list.

Yes, this is a known caveat, and furthermore, it must be a valid format string, e. g. "%DUMMY% or "%1" or such thing.