Removing ID3 v1.1 tags + album cover art


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I think my question above is easy enough to answer definitively.

Can I delete the ID3v1.1 tag from all my MP3 files, still leaving JUST the v2.3 tag on the file?

Do people do this? Does it make a difference?

Also, I wish to remove ALL associated cover art from my mp3 files - I have unfortunately embedded over 4,000 mp3's with cover art - can someone please tell me the quickest, most efficient way to remove the cover art, whilst still being able to keep ALL the v2.3 tag data?

Any information provided will be most appreciated! Thanks again...

Byte-Größe der Tags optimieren


Removing the ID3v1 tag isn't such a great idea, as you won't save any space (ID3v1 uses 128 bytes) nor will you achieve anything else. I would leave it there so that players not supporting ID3v2 tags can still show you the information from the ID3v1 tag.
Anyways, if you want to remove it, check out the settings (Tools, Options, Tags, Mpeg, Remove) for removing tags. Make sure only ID3v1 is checked and then select all files and choose to remove the tags.

As for removing the cover, I am not sure if MP3Tag can do it - I guess not.



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I too need to know if it is possible to use MP3Teg to remove embedded cover images. If so, I have not been able to figure out how to do so.



You can't do it with MP3Tag AFAIK.


TidyMp3 removes all tag information (including embedded pictures). What you could do is do a tag -> filename conversion, run TisyMp3 and then do a filename -> tag conversion (make sure Mp3tag only writes the ID3v2 tag).