Removing Leading Number/Decimal From Track #

Experience amateur here, using Mp3tag v2.42. Almost all of my mp3 files have been sourced from my CD collection, converted to mp3 files from wav or flac files, ripped with EAC. I've used Mp3tag for years without a hitch, but have been tripped up recently when I bought a few files from Amazon and tried to edit the Track Number tags. After I edit a pre-purchased Track Tag to be "12", it displays in my player as "1.12". How can I truncate that "1." and get the Track Number to display simply as "12"?


(BTW, I searched a lot for this answer before posting, but came up empty. I'd be stunned if it's never been discussed.)

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i've no idea at all why you're having the problem. i'm posting here to get myself subscribed to this thread. plus, to let you know you're not being ignored ... [grin]

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No real solution here, but as a long shot you could try to install a newer version of Mp3tag (for example v2.46), or is there any particular reason why you are still using v2.42 ?

There was a reason I was using v2.42: I've had good luck with it and a lot of bad luck upgrading to the latest versions of different software. (I've never had the patience to be an early adopter.) I thought my problem would spark a quick straightforward response that may or may not require an upgrade, but I decided to bite the bullet and install v2.46 and guess what:

3 New tags appeared: Album Artist, Composer and Disc Number, the latter containing a value of "1/1" for the Amazon tracks. Blanking these solved my problem.

Thanks to all who gave this any attention.

Open "View > Extended Tags" to see all tags of a file.

I guess your media player displays the tracknumber together with the discnumber in the form
Foobar2000 does so in the default setting. To disable that make a new custom collumn which only displays %track%
If this is not possilbe in your media player, you can also delete the discnumbertag in Mp3Tag.

My two main players are fb2k and my iPod. iTunes is only used to sync. I could see how fb2k was dealing with the Track numbers, which placed the songs in the correct order (but still left me unnerved not knowing what the "1." was about). I wasn't sure about what if any effect these "1." additions would have in iTunes as I'm not quite ready to load these folders of mix CDs (with some songs originally ripped from vinyl that have now been replaced with the Amazon mp3 files). Knowing about and removing the Disc Number tags now makes the folders ready for iTunes.

Foobar is only displaying the discnumber together with the tracknumber in the same column. This doesn't have any effect on the way the tracknumbers are actually written in the ID-Tag.
Could only have an effect on iTunes/iPod when within the same album some tracks have discnumber and others have not. But also in this case I think (but don't know) if discnumber is missing, "1" should be assumed.