Removing leading track number

Hi All,

I have many file names which are as follows- '001My Heart Wiil Go On' etc. There is no spacing between the numeric part and the alphabet part. Can you please tell the action to:

  1. Insert a spacing between the numeric and alphabet part
  2. Remove the numeric part altogether

Also, please explain the functioning of the expression as I am fairly new to the software.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you mean threse 2 tasks alternatively, because there is no need to separate the task in 2 actions if you only want to get rid of the track number?

Don't you have the tags (TRACK, TITLE) filled, because the easiest and normal way to change the filename is to rebuild it from the tags?

I ask this before peresenting you a solution, because there are many different solutions and which of these makes sense depends on your real intention.