Removing lyric section markers

I used a lyric grabber program to get lyrics for my entire music folder, but one annoying thing is it left behind the markers in square brackets for verses, choruses, bridges, etc. I've been scouring this forum for an hour trying to see if I could get something to work but after multiple attempts at formatting, I haven't found something that's actually removed the bracketed parts.

One odd quirk I found that I thought to mention is my lyrics are under the LYRICS field instead of UNSYNCEDLYRICS like many people had been creating their strings for, is this a bad thing or just something to take into account when writing the string?

Thanks in advance!

Then you most likely have got a user-defined field that hardly any player will show.
To copy the contents from LYRICS to UNSYNCEDLYRICS, create an action of the type "Format value" für UNSYNCEDLYRICS
Format string: %lyrics%

It would have been nice to see the attempts as then usually help is easier.
For each word in brackets I would create an action of the type "Replace" in UNSYNCEDLYRICS and then replace the whole string with nothing.
Working with regular expressions in data from external sources where you not really know how well formed they are may lead to truncated lyrics as a closing part may be missing and so on.