Removing Mp3Gain Info And Displaying Tag Values


Hi All,

I have what seems to be a simple problem, followed by an equally (I hope) question. :unsure:

I have been using the Mp3Gain s/w to adjust the playback volume of my mp3 files.

This is fine in my PC player (winamp), but after burning a CD for my car player, any mp3's that have been 'adjusted', have corrupt tags. :angry:

I've looked on the mp3gain site and followed the instructions for removing the tags, but after writing another CD, I notice the tag's are still corrupt when the tracks are played in the car.

There's no issue with the car player, btw, a CD I cut before I started using Mp3Gain is fine.

So, here's the problem.....

How do I go about removing the tags that mp3gain uses, which are APE I believe?.

I have tried ALT-T after selecting the files, and removing them from the list, but some are still there afterwards. I could delete the tags I believe, with CTLR-C & CTRL-V after selecting the correct Read/Write/Delete options for tags, but I don't want to loose info like genre, year etc etc.

The artist, track, album and title could be recreated with Filename --> Tags.

Here's the question.....

How do I go about showing the actual values stored in the tags, especially, but not limited to APE?

I've searched and seen a post by Florian referring to %_tag% and %_tag_read%, but would really appreciate a little info on how to do this.

Many thanks in advance for all any any assistance :sunglasses:

btw, the software is the dogs.....