Removing numbers in artist field

For some reason loads of names in the artist field have the track number after as well. Like The Cure7, NOFX12 etc. Anyway to get rid of these numbers in one go?

You can use a Replace with regular expressions actions to remove all numbers from a field.

Care to elaborate please? I don't really know what i'm doing :unsure:

Can anyone help please? I really don't know what is meant by replace with regular expression. Well I do know but I have no idea what to write in the regular expression box, whatever I write seems to have no effect :rolleyes: thanks.

Try this:

Name of action group: remove numbers

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: (.+?)(\d*)
Replace matches with: $1

[ ] case-sensitive comparison (188 Bytes)

Yeah that got it :slight_smile:

Nice one, pal. Thanks.