Removing Numeric Prefix From File Name (Sorry newboy!)

I've read the FAQ, tried using suggestions from previous questions posted but still unable to remove numeric prefix from list MP3 file names e.g

01 Help! [from the Film 'Help! '].mp3


Help! [from the Film 'Help! '].mp3

All files in same folder

Felling VERY embarrassed


What does the title field look like? You could rename the file with the Convert>Tag-Filename function ...

Or create an action of the type "Replace with regular expression" for _FILENAME
Search string: ^\d+
(there is a blank behind the d)
Replace string:
(leave that empfy).

If your fields are not filled yet, then you should retrieve as much informaton as possible from the filename.
Use the Convert>Filename-Tag function with the mask
%track% %title%
before you delete the leading number.