Removing one of multiple Genres leaves "\\" behind

I am trying to remove one of multiple genres stored in seperate GENRE fields.

When I do so using the "Replace Action" the double backslash is left behind....
Is there a better / different method of doing this?

Many thanks

Does this help?

You have to apply an action either of the type "Remove duplicate fields" or "Merge fields".

I am probably blind but I dont see any "merge Fields" action

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You're not blind, the "Merge fields" action is not available in the current version of Mp3tag for Mac.

See this topic for details and to get notified if and when I implement them.

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FYI, I've added the Merge duplicate fields action type with Beta 5 :slight_smile:

You can also use the newly added action type "Remove duplicate fields" for GENRE which would leave the first of the fields and remove the rest.

Another option is to use "Merge duplicate fields" to combine the multiple fields into one and separate the contents using a dedicated separator character (or string).

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The options to separate / join / remove multiple tag entries are just great. Makes it so flexible. Many thanks.

Just one question: On the "remove duplicates" action: Would it be possible to distinguish whether the first or the last entry is being removed? I have many instances where the entry I want removed is not the last, but the first... Maybe even one inbetween but I understand things get a bit tricky then. So I could live with the option to remove first or last entry.

Thanks again.