Removing or appending the Title

Hey taggers,

I just installed mp3tag v. 2.42 today because I have some major re-tagging to do. I have been getting good results by replacing all the filenames using

Format Value "_FILENAME":$num(%track%,2) - %title%

So I don't have "0805 - 33" with a valid title. ANYWAY.....I can't figure out how to take away leading numbers from the title itself. Example:

Title: Lecture. 02 Evolution in the Air
Filename: Edward J. Larson - 02c Evolution in the Air.mp3 (LECTURE)

If I got rid of the "Lecture. 02" in the title, I would be fine....except for the stupid fact that there are like a million of them.
Now I was going to use the Format value on this but realized it would give me "02 - Lecture. 02 Evolution in the Air.mp3"

Which is stupid. Should I just format it and then remove the second 02 from the filename? I don't know how to do that either. I hope someone will help :slight_smile:

NEVERMIND! I stopped being lazy..and actually read all of the FAQ and the help documents. >.< Thanks anyway!