Removing part from filename

I have alot of songs which have a format like this:
XXX XXX - YYY (Official Video) 4K.mp3
XXX - YYY (Official Video) 4K.mp3

How do I remove "(Official Video) 4K" from multiple files?

If you have not done so: fill the tags first with the function
Format string: %artist% - %title% (%dummy%

The create new filenames with the function
Format string: %artist% - %title%

(there are other options with a replace action or the Convert>filename-filename function. But I would not mess around with just the filenames but use structured information from the tag fields.)

Okay some of them work but for some i get this:

  • xxx - yyy.mp3 why the "-" at the start :C

The pattern in the format string has to match the filename. Have a look at the files where the conversion went wrong and adapt the format string accordingly.