Removing Quotation Marks From Artists' Names?

Hi folks,

My first post here!

I have ripped a large proportion of my CD collection to FLAC (using Illustrate dBpoweramp software).

I would like to make some amendments to the names of some of the Artists (eg. SORT TAGS: ALBUM ARTIST, and ARTIST). It was suggested that I seek assistance from this forum.

So, one of the artists is named: "Chick" Corea, and another "Duke" Ellington. As you see, I have placed the nicknames in double-inverted commas. This seemed a very good idea at the time but I have since come to regret this action!

I would really like some help, please, with 'undoing' the above mentioned using mp3tag? I probably have around 100 CDs by artists of whom I treated their nicknames in this respect.

Many thanks in advance for any kind assistance offered here.



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Try an action of the type "Replace" for ARTIST
Search string: "
Replace with:
(leave empty)

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Thanks ohrenkino,

I will have a look . . .



Hi ohrenkino,

I'm not sure if I followed your kind steps precisely, but I think it may have worked, thanks.

I've just had a try with one ("Chick" Corea) CD. It seems to have work OK, as far as I can tell, at least.

See what you think . . .




Hi ohrenkino,

I checked again and it looks like it worked with ARTIST and ALBUM-ARTIST, but not their respective SORT tags?


You have to create an action for each field in which the string might occur.
But the good thing is: you can accumulate all the actions in an action group so that you only have to create these actions once and then you can call them all in one go when you trigger the action group.

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Hi ohrenkino,

Do you use: Actions, or Actions (Quick), please?


For one-offs Actions(Quick) is the quickest (!) way.
If you have actions that you want to use repeatedly, then go to Actions, click the "New" button and create the action group that contains all the indvidual actions that should be executed in 1 go.
See also the documentation on Actions:

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Welcome @monsterjazzlicks , this is the place to get the support you were asking for on that “other” forum!

I see you already have an answer from @ohrenkino regarding the quotes. You can do this for any field, but I do suggest you do this one field at a time and make sure it works as expected. You can quickly do an “Undo” if something goes wrong when you do it this way. It may be harder to tell if you try to run it for all fields at once and be too late to undo the batch later on.

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Thank you Motley,

I still don't seem to be able to get it to remove 'quotations' from SORT tags? Just those of: Composer, Artist, and Album Artist.

When using Quick Actions you can select one of the different available action types from the list. This action will then be applied to the selected files and the changes are saved immediately.

Just to clarify, one is not required to perform a 'CTL+S' after each execution? The changes are saved automatically once the edit has completed?

Much appreciated.

Hi ohrenkino,

Thanks for the documentation.

Replaces the given Original string from the selected Field with the Replace string. If the replacement string is empty, the original string is removed.

Would the above be the method for deleting the presence of unwanted tags, please? I am considering ditching certain tags which I feel are not essentially required for my platforms.


Actons are always applied to all selected files (which could be thousands).
The changes are always saved immediately for each file.

If you want to see which fieldnames are used, press Alt-T to see the extended tags dialogue which shows you the fieldnames.
The documentation also shows you the available fieldnames:

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You would have to specify you want that change done to the Artistsort and other sort tags as necessary. The sort tags are not automatically associated to the non-sort version.

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Hi MotleyG,

Thank-you for your fast response!

Please see screengrab of my methodology:



That will work for the Albumartistsort field. You can do the same for Artistsort Albumsort Composersort and even Titlesort if required.

To see all of these fields you can add them to the window you see there, or use the Enhanced Tag Editor to see them all at once.

Hi ohrenkino,

OK, great; I think I have located it. :+1:


No extra save required. Can you open the enhanced tag editor Alt-T and screen shot that? You can just copy/paste it into your post, no link required.

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Hi Motley,

Well, I actioned a deletion of ArtistSort tag 20 minutes ago and the progress bar fairly rapidly reached 99.9%. But since then it's been hanging for the last 15 minutes?!



You mean the tag-editor here?:


Yes, but select just one track that needs to be edited that has the sort tags you think aren’t being updated by the Replace action. And make sure it is wide enough to see the contents of the tags.

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